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tv   9 News at 1030PM  NBC  January 3, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm MST

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another week and more records broken by star wars, the force awakens. the movie took in $88.3 million, the most for any film over new year's weekend. star wars also surpassed titanic as the second highest grossing film of all time domestically. avatar remains the highest grossing film at $760 million. star wars is $20 behind that. it's likely it will break that record very, very soon. >> you went, right? >> i haven't. i'm going in like another week or two. >> have you gone? 9 news continues next with our broncos tonight. >> manning or osweiler for the playoffs? we have it on good authority. if drew, rod, mike, and chad can come to a unanimous answer, kubiak will say yeah, do
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hi, everybody, and welcome to broncos tonight. drew soicher, rod mackey, mike klis, and chad brown following an unforgettable 27-20 victory over the san diego chargers. i will resist the urge to say i told you so, but only if you each of you deliver a handwritten apology at some point during this show that i can read aloud. >> didn't i say peyton would come in as a backup in this game? >> no. you said peyton manning should never throw a pass the rest of his life. >> no, i didn't say that. >> including the backyard with his kids. >> no, i didn't. i thought it
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unless brock got injured, peyton would not see the field. i was wrong. they needed a spark. they got the spark. >> drew, you're so big and strong. [ laughter ] what was it you said again? >> peyton manning, by the way, i think it's peyton manning for now on. let's get that out of the way. once you go to the legend, you don't go back. >> is that what they say? >> something like that. >> it was interesting how it all played out today. it was going to be brock osweiler under all circumstances except one that the team made five turnovers. >> i will not give you a letter of apology, drew. >> why not? >> because i said if brock didn't play well, if his offense
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we'd see peyton manning. i didn't say it on the show. >> oh, did you? can you send me that audio reporting? [ laughter ] >> un less he plays worse than any other quarterback in history. of course that was going to be the case. you said they would never go back to peyton manning, when you're done you're done, because that's how i said did you ever play the worst game of your life? you said yes. i said did you play it again the next time? there wasn't a next time and that's going to be the case for peyton was your opinion. >> i also said about peyton, he was the best plan b in the league. he went to peyton manning and look what he got. the best plan b in the league. >> i've been screaming give me manning for weeks. however, brock osweiler got screwed, didn't he in
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necessarily from the coaches. it was really his teammates. what i think happened here, it wasn't necessarily what manning did. it was manning's presence that changed the game. these guys came out, these turnovers to me were lack of focus, lack of mental toughness, and when peyton came in the game, all of the sudden the guys said oh, peyton is in the game. we better get it going. all of the sudden they blocked better and ran the ball better. that's what happened. he was only 2-2. he was 5-9 for 69 yards. that's not extraordinary but the team played a lot better because peyton manning was in the game. it was like do it for peyton or else. >> sometimes in football you can lose your job and it's not your fault. it wasn't brock osweiler's fault, those interceptions and fumbles today. but as mike just said, sometimes someone else comes to the game, hall of fame legend, and he can provide that spark. >> philip rivers said after the
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didn't want to see peyton go out the way he came out. at the same time it wasn't brock's fault. those turnovers, they were bad blocks. he came in -- >> from what i heard, the blind side blitz, he should have recognized that. that's something that a quarterback is supposed to recognize but you're right, other than that. emmanuel sanders had the big turnover. he doesn't fumble there at the 5, it's a whole different game. >> c.j. fumbled the ball and that's when he came in. he of course being peyton manning. who do you think we have in the spotlight tonight? number 18 coming in at 8:18 of the 3rd quarter in game 16 to save the day. manning's role in this one, provide a spark. >> it is possible coach kubiak could make a decision to try to change momentum. >> coach kubiak said if we need you can we put you in there? i said yeah, haven't played in six
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there and do something. >> you'll hear the roar. >> fans were great. they were cheering loud but i'm pretty sure everybody was in their same seats when they were booing my butt off against kansas city six weeks ago. >> he wants to win football games and right now his best chance is putting peyton manning under center. >> i'm not sure that had much to do with me being in there. but i think the execution was just better in the second half, up front there were bigger holes. we held on to the ball. >> man ning took a big shot that time. >> i got a good welcome back to on the field football. somebody hit me hard and left a little message as he was getting up. >> what were the odds before the game that they would make this move? >> i'm glad we won the division. glad we won this game today. that would have been sickening. just been a different year. i was glad to
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>> how about this for a story tale finish? >> whether you agree or disagree with the move, gary kubiak deserves a lot of credit for making the difficult decision to start osweiler then the even tougher one to send manning in during the 3rd quarter, don't you guys think? >> i agree he deserves credit with how he's handled this quarterback situation the entire year. i don't think it was difficult benching manning after the kansas city or putting him on the disabled list for six weeks because he was awful against the chiefs. >> but it's peyton manning. >> you couldn't put him back out there after that performance he had against the chiefs. and then today it was interesting to me what kubiak said. he said he went with his gut. he thought the players on the sidelines were acting like they were waiting for him to put in manning. that's what happens when you have a legend on the sideline. things aren't going well. it's not brock's fault
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manning, coach? that's what kubiak felt and that's why he made the move. >> coaches have to put players in the game who give the team the best chance to win, not pay attention to legacy or personality or hurt feelings in the locker room. put the players in the game that give the team the best chance to win and he's done that by handling this quarterback situation. in my opinion, i think everyone's opinion, very well. peyton couldn't go. you had to go with brock. >> extremely convenient incidentally that his foot suddenly got better right when the broncos needed him. >> what's going to be difficult is when he puts brock back in. >> do you think that's really going to happen? >> i think it could happen. >> when are they going to put brock in? after peyton starts and struggles? >> i'm saying what happens if they start brock to bring in plan b off the bench? >> we'll see how the foot feels tomorrow. broncos fans booed their team off the field at halftime.
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manning's possible retirement two months ago cheered him wildly when he returned today. don't you got to pick one? >> no, you don't. broncos fans are sophisticated enough to recognize bad football and good football and you can't expect them to always cheer for the team. he was disappointed that the fans booed the team as they were going off the field. >> you're cool with that as a player? >> they were playing poorly. they deserve to be booed. >> at that time they still had the lead. they're the best team in the afc. you've got teams around here. you've got the rockies, nuggets, avs. four of the worst teams in their sport. you have the broncos, this great football team, and you're booing them. i know you can do whatever you want when you pay for that ticket. i just think it's too early. i didn't like it. i don't think the players liked it. >> they were saying we hate this team, they were booing the first half performance. they're
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>> you know what they charge for hotdogs? boo all you want if you pay for a hotdog. [ laughter ] which team do you want the broncos to face in their first playoff game? i know which one you don't. >> does it even matter who the point? there might be more pressing issues heading in to
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peyton to the rescue. >> that's a great tune. >> drew knows what he's doing. there was more to this game than just the quarterbacks. it's true. the broncos' runningbacks were about as good as they've been this year. ronnie hillman and c.j. anderson combining for two touchdowns. c.j. ended up in the end zone three times. they only counted one of them though. >> right over the top of one of the chargers' safeties. with the ball, c.j. runs hard. c.j. is going to have a 1st down, and this baby is over. >> how many of those hats you have? >> three of them.
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of work. feels good. >> so this is not like hockey where you don't want to touch anything but the championship hat . >> when we win afc championship, i'm going to touch that hat. >> didn't come easy today. five turnovers? >> we find a way to make it hard. i've got two back-to-back. i was mad the whole game. i think when i'm running mad i'm at my best. >> what do you think the big story is going to be for the next two weeks? >> peyton. he deserves it. he's been through a lot. he's going to come in. he's going to take this rest for sure. he's been on the rest for a while though. he's going to feel healthy. he's going to prepare like a pro like he always do. whoever kubiak names the starter, even the same with brock, whoever kubiak names the starter, we're going to come play and have their back.
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-- they needed a spark. >> kind of like the kansas city game. unfortunately that didn't turn out the way we wanted to. this one did. >> what was it like when he came on the field? >> usually i don't hear the crowd but the crowd went crazy. we've got the best fans on the planet so we know they were behind peyton. they're behind all of us. that's a good feeling to have. all week -- not all week but through peyton being hurt, other than us making them feel like he's still apart of the team, kind of tough. just the media saying things about you negative and positive, finally felt that love and i bet you he feels real good about that. >> you saw him all the time. how hard was this on him? >> it's hard. we're not talking about a regular guy. no disrespect to anybody in the league but this is a legend. >> you take care of business, you don't have to get in to an airplane again until you go to the super bowl.
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>> look forward to seeing that suit. >> nothing about this team interests me except the quarterback situation. what about you guys? >> i'm interested to see if it's the text -- the texans, steelers, or the chiefs. >> i'd like to give some praise to derek wolfe. they've got to pay that guy. but how about the quarterback? brock osweiler, i'm not necessarily sure this is good for the long-term because manning is not coming back next year. osweiler is. for sure. osweiler is coming back. he's a free agent. will he be mad by getting spurnd? >> he said no hard feelings. >> that's what he said in the press conference and everything. but if houston offers him $14 million a year and the broncos offer him $12 million, where he's going to go? >> i know we're giddy about today's game but there's a game coming up in two weeks. there
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fumbled two in a row. the offensive line still has a number of issues. there's still lots of things for this broncos team to work out. >> you're saying this team is not ready for the playoffs? >> i'm saying they've got things they need to work out. you need to get those fixed quickly. >> if the broncos get the houston texans in the divisional round, we'll get to see the most anticipated head to head match-up in history. jj watt against michael scofield. >> it will probably be tyler polumbus. you could call it the peyton bump or the tyler polumbus bump. >> when polumbus came in the game, he thought all the crowd cheers were for him. [ laughter ] >> he is from cherry creek, after all. >> that's a real problem. >> at right tackle? >> do you know how much a hotdog is? can you get me a right tackle? >> i think polumbus is the
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>> it is interesting that what happened when manning came in the game, they started blocking better. they started run blocking better. it really wasn't manning's passing. >> it's funny, peyton said during the interview, he said i can't take credit for handing the ball off. >> crisper than it had been. >> this team is fine. i think they are going to the super bowl because their defense is the best defense in the national football league. >> now they're going to the super bowl? you've been won and done all season. [ laughter ] >> they're going to the super bowl. >> wow. wow. >> the defense and manning. things have changed. >> they turned it over five times and still won because of that defense. they're going to play houston in the second round. >> i got pittsburgh. >> no foxborough. >> thanks for staying up late and watching broncos tonight. do you have any idea how much a hotdog costs over there? 9news at 10:00 continues right after a
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a nice day today. almost 50 in the city. a lot of the snow beginning to melt. tomorrow a similar forecast. we're about 26 now. we'll drop to 18 with light winds, fair skies. thumbs up tomorrow at 7:21. back to work. back to school.
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lunchtime, almost 50 by 3:00 in the afternoon. a trend will continue through wednesday. a storm in the southwest will bring colder weather to us by week's end. a temperature trend that will see highs close to freezing friday but i only have flurries at this point. no accumulation for denver. just the southern mountains where the skiing is already amazing.
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